SONG OF THE DAY: Felix Leiter ft Amanda Wilson – “Dancin’ Dancin’ (You’re In Love)”


He may be the best DJ you’ve never heard of… She is the featured vocal siren on over forty different releases. Together, they created one club-bangin’ release with all the right elements — it’s gritty, progressive, and sexy with the vocal prowess to back the sh*t up. In 2011, DJ Mag voted Felix Leiter ‘Best Large UK Club’ & ’12th Best In The World’ – the world, folks. Pair this genius with Amanda Wilson – a semi-finalist way back in 1998 for the Eurovision Song Contest who later helped launched Freemasons with the hits “Love On My Mind” and “Watchin’.” Perfectly synchronized in production, “Dancin’ Dancin’ (You’re In Love) (Extended Mix)” takes us to that rare, delicious place – volleying between losing control and self-domination, but always with that whip in hand so we know who comes out on top – a stiletto boot stomped on back. It’s rare in a production when one can effectively use a guitar, but Amanda walks between the strings like it is a catwalk. Keep your ears open for additional mixes that are due out on this release later in July.

Image courtesy of Black Hole Recordings.