SONG OF THE DAY: Make the Girl Dance – “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki”


A chance meeting at a live show brought together the French electro duo Make the Girl Dance and power guitarist Barrie Cadogan from the trio of Little Barrie. It resulted in “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki,” a powerful of fusion of surf rock/rockabilly and electro created the next day in the studio. This insanely energetic track works on many levels – it harkens back to the Spaghetti Surfers take on “Misirlou” from the ‘90s as well as classics from the Violent Femmes. If it is ever performed live at a stadium show, the crowd would surely go nuts. As electronic dance music continues to branch out and merge with other genres, “Tchiki” proves that these kind of inspired collaborations will lead to even more interesting music. The video continues the Make the Girl Dance tradition of ‘out-there’ videos: (“Baby Baby Baby,” and “Kill Me” ). This time it features an insane car tow of a skateboarder through the streets of France which totally captures the vibe of the track. Listening to the song over and over, I wonder if they will take it a step forward and enlist someone like LMFAO to do a top line – now that would really make a party rock, wouldn’t it?