SONG OF THE DAY: Sensate Focus – “Sensate Focus 5″


Mark Fell is generally recognized for his association with Mat Steel, with whom he comprises Sheffield’s SND. In the beginning of 2012 Mark launched his solo project, Sensate Focus, which offers its audience a unique blend of house and techno melodies.

While the titles of this two-tracker may be simple, “X” and””Y,” the impression they’ll leave is anything but. Enthusiasts seeking something that is both fresh yet eerily familiar, should do a hit of “X” – with the massive use of drum machines, synthesizers, and a few well-placed aged vocals, you should be floating high.

“Y” takes you on a relatable trip with its mixture of tribal and transfigurative techno and features one more signature Mark Fell trademark – or rather, doesn’t. To date, the bassline is absent from all Sensate Focus productions. While most club music is pulsating and throbbing in intensity, Sensate Focus is factually described as “a series of touching exercises designed to increase intimacy in a sexual relationship.”

Who wants to get naked?

Image courtesy of Editions Mego