Song of the Day: Teesa – “Follow Your Heart” / “Drug”


One good thing about the electronic dance music is the ease of procuring a basic setup to produce a track. Of course this means we all have to wade through a bunch of crap to find the gems but it also means that you can often find an incredible new talent with a story to be told. Everyone meet Teesa, a Japanese born pop singer who rocks the guitar as well as the dance floor. She is making her name in Bay area thanks to club performances and some hot tracks. “Follow Your Heart” is an uplifting, inspirational song about.. well, you can figure it out by the title. The video shows her journey trying to make it in the entertainment world. “Drug” could easily be the lead single from Ke$ha’s next album if of course, she adds dirty electro and guitar work to her playbook. Both tracks show a lot of promise and are definitely worth an add to your digital music player.

“Follow Your Heart”


Image courtesy of Teesa.