SONG OF THE DAY: deadmau5 ft Chris James – “The Veldt”


When science fiction author Ray Bradbury wrote “The World Children Made” in 1950, he might have foreseen a world where we get lost in the futuristic. After reading the story (renamed ‘The Veldt’ for its setting of rural grasslands of South America), deadmau5 was inspired to create the music for it. The gorgeously melodic, yet haunting track illustrated the story seemingly without the need for words. Through twitter, deadmau5 then stumbled upon Chris James lyrics and found an emotionally eloquent expression of the story. The video, created by Qudos Animations, illustrates the childlike simplicity and ultimate darkness of the story – when fantasies become real with a tragic consequence. The combination of music, lyrics, and video combine to capture the ultimate allegory of the Internet – we can create an elaborate and all-encompassing fantasy world, but will we lose our sense of reality and emotional connections in the world which are the most vital?

Read deadmau5’s tumblr post about the collaboration behind the “Veldt.”

Image courtesy of Ultra.