SONG OF THE DAY: Scissor Sisters – “Let’s Have a Kiki (Videodrome Discotheque Video Mix)”


It’s that time of year, with Pride celebrations proliferating and the mercury skyrocketing, when just having a good time can feel exhausting. So leave it to Craig MacNeil, the genius VJ/DJ at Boston’s bi-weekly Videodrome Discotheque, to take the Scissor Sisters’ party anthem “Let’s Have a Kiki” and turn it into a four-minute slice of euphoria that not only will make you get up and dance, but also take you on a whirlwind through the past forty years of awesome. You could teach entire semesters worth of grad school queer history studies just on this one video, which encompasses everything from pop culture ephemera (Cher’s workout video in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” outfit, Paul Williams’ variety show appearances), films maudits like The Apple, Showgirls, and Cruising, the Satan’s Alley sequence from Staying Alive, and countless other moments, routines, and gestures. It’s a stunning work of ingenuity that takes the Scissors’ track and makes it into the dancefloor videoscreen must-see of the summer. Not to be missed.

Image courtesy of Casablanca.