SONG OF THE DAY: 2 Shoes – “Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)”


Kathy Brown’s classic acappella “Turn Me On” widely circulates among DJs and every time a new style of EDM evolves, it invariably gets a bootleg update. The most popular was the Praxis speed garage version subtitled “Turn to Sugar.” So, I was joking with a friend a few weeks ago wondering when the dirty Dutch version would come out. Enter the lovely ladies of 2 Shoes. Coming from the UK’s X-Factor, which seems so much more fun than its US version, the duo of Charley Bird (perfect name for a dance vocalist) and Lucy Texeira didn’t do so well on the show. They were eliminated by their mentor Tulisa after singing Girls Aloud’s “Something Kinda Ooooh.” For their debut single, they’ve done quite a romping cover version of “Turn Me On” complete with air horn blasts, progressive-ish breakdowns, and hands-in-the-air chorus. The Rudedog Mix stands out as the most energetic with Supasound and Jay Wainwright both going more progressive, and 7th Heaven going a little more pop. The quite campy videoclip is sure to be an instant favorite in gay clubs around the world. Modern technology is used in attempting to construct the perfect man (imagine the video for Liberty X “Being Somebody” combined with the budget of the movie ‘Weird Science.) It’s all in good fun and I look forward to hearing more fun pop dance from the duo.

Image courtesy of AATW (screengrab of video).