SONG OF THE DAY: Larry Tee ft Charlie Le Mindu – “Charlie!”

EDM has been taking itself a bit too seriously as of late, so we can definitely use a dose of humor from electro prankster Larry Tee. Going more in a house direction, he teamed up with Haute Coiffure artist Charlie Le Mindu for a mindless yet fun track. Think 90s era bouncy house with Stretch and Vern-esque samples and a light sparkling of electro flourishes and you’ve got the gist of the track. Most of the attention will be on the viral-ready video featuring pooches styled to mimic pop culture celebrities i.e. Lady Daga, Amy Doghouse, Madogga, Rupug, La Ruff, etc. “Charlie” is good for a smile (and safe enough to send to your mother.) If you insist on something more credible from Larry Tee, check out his mix of reality TV stars Stafford Brothers’ new track with MPDC “Pressure.”