SONG OF THE DAY: Marina and the Diamonds – “Primadonna” (New Video)


Marina is hit and miss. Some of her tracks, like “Shampain” and “Hollywood” were incredibly catchy, while other tracks failed to grab audiences. The Greek singer’s voice can sometimes cause a disconnect, but in cases like the aforementioned “Shampain”, the synthpop production and her voice combined in alarmingly entrancing similarities to Annie Lennox. “Primadonna” is the 4th part of an effort to establish Marina’s character, Electra Heart (also the name of her sophomore album). It also serves as the lead single from the album. The music is fun and the lyrics are entertaining, so there’s a chance this new album will showcase a more glittery, fluffy side to Marina, thus getting her music out to more people. With the hot remix by Benny Benassi, we’ve been enjoying this track immensely since it was released back in March. A new video featuring the finest of NYC clubland came across our email today and we thought it was worth sharing.

Original Video

NYC Nightlife Video

Image Courtesy of Elektra