SONG OF THE DAY: Bonnie Bailey – “The Little Things”

I’ve been a fan of Bonnie Bailey since I first her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”  Her angelic, pretty voice has a bit of a growl to it which sounds amazing on both uplifting and disco house tracks  “The Little Things”  starts off mellow, with the “Just Breathe” phrase, and then slowly builds into hands-in the-air gorgeous chorus. It’s one of those rare songs that will work in a sexy lounge, at the end of a big room club set, or even on the radio. Bonnie sounds amazing singing the emotional and meaningful lyrics, and the mixes by Bassmonkeys and The Fierce Collective (Richie Jones and Mark Doyle) both nail the vibe.  As much as I love the quite-well done lyric video, a video featuring the gorgeous Bonnie Bailey would be even better.  Here’s hoping this record becomes so massive that such a video will surface.

Image courtesy of Fierce angel.