SONG OF THE DAY: Azealia Banks – “1991”


Viral superstar Azealia Banks follows up the internet smash “212” with “1991,” which has us wondering if all of her song titles will be numerical. (This isn’t the case as the EP also includes tracks title “Van Vogue” and “Liquorice”). While “212” was a Hi-NRG electro track (Lazy Jay’s “Float My Boat”) with Azealia showcasing her multiple vocal personalities, 1991 is bases on a laid-back house track with an interplay between her tough street rap flow and melodic singing on the chorus. Azealia is one of those rare singers who doesn’t need to feature rappers on her songs as she can handle both roles herself. Her sense of humor and playfulness was all over “212,” and it’s here in “1991” as well, if only for the random French dialogue in the beginning which might have you scratching your head, thinking WTF? Fans of old school house should definitely check out the whole 1991 EP, as the title could be a reference to the time period that served as the inspiration for the tracks (especially “Liquorice”) Or is it named after they year she was born?

Image Courtesy of Polydor Records.