SONG OF THE DAY: John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto and Francis Preve – “Get Down / Turn Around”


Definitive recordings has an interesting A&R process. Label head John Acquaviva and label exclusive producer Olivier Giacomotto tour the world, testing out potential new releases in their club sets. Audience reactions determine what gets picked up for release. So it’s no surprise that when John and Olivier had a Definitive label party in Austin and hung out with producer Francis Preve that some shared studio time would lead to some hot tracks. “Get Down” starts off with a subtle house groove which gradually builds in intensity. The “Get Down” chant is not a command, but more of a suggestion that builds with repetition. The bleepy loop that starts about two minutes in slowly becomes the focus as it crescendoes into a monster hook that will get any crowd cheering. “Turn Around” starts off a little more aggressive than “Get Down” and just gets more powerful as it builds into a massive drop-out. DJs take note, here are two tracks that will work in any big room club.

Image Courtesy of Definitive Recordings.