SONG OF THE DAY: Reuben Keeney ft Glenn Rosborough – “Give It Some Time”


18 year old Reuben Keeney is somewhat becoming an artist to watch.  This guy makes dance music like he’s been doing it for decades, and with singer Glenn Rosborough, Keeney drops “Give It Some Time”.  The track is quite emotional, Keeney’s production taking on a more vulnerable vibe; the beats soft, the synths tame and quiet, and little flourishing twinkles flicker across the song.  All of it gives the focus back to Gleen Rosborough, who’s vocals are definitely worth focusing on, the power and hopeful quality resonating.  But don’t mistake “Give It Some Time” as anything but a song to dance/drive/walk/workout to, because this one is ready for the floor.  Let’s see what the remixes sound like!

Image Courtesy of Toolroom.