SONG OF THE DAY (Sunday Funday): Willam ft Vicky Vox & Detox – “Chow Down”


One of the benefits of being our own entity is now we can take the time to give mad props where they are truly deserved.  Thanks to the drag team of Willam Belli, Detox, and Vicky Vox for putting together this amazing song and video that pokes fun at just so much.  So firstly, loving the fact that they used Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” as the musical canvas for this parody.  Secondly, hats off for giving Chic-Fil-A the sh*t they deserve.  The company has been getting a lot of publicity for their anti-gay political leanings and having three drag queens shove just how much the gays enjoy eating their food in the gayest, most scandalous ways is as entertaining and clever a slap imaginable.  Couple that with the video, a visual homage to Wilson Phillips as much as the song is an audible one, and you’ve got yourself one heck of an amazing parody.  Either you’ve boycotted Chic-Fil-A for what they’ve done, or you buckle down and eat a waffle fry.  Either way, enjoy this.




Image from screen capture. Video courtesy of Willam.