SONG OF THE DAY: Ze! – “Haircut”

Ze! - Haircut

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Robyn did a song for Sesame Street? Malaysian electropop singer Ze! combines the DIY-indie sensibility with europop for this delightfully addictive confection. Imagining that a haircut will be a revolutionary change for your life is almost childlike in its idealism yet it makes perfect sense when listening to Ze! talk herself into it. Shot in one take with sock puppets as backup singers, the video is delightfullly low budget but just so memorable that this could easily become the next big viral clip. A spin through her collaborations with Abstract Source, Lusha, and James Best shows that Ze! is not just a one-trick novelty pony, but a uniquely talented artist that could be developed into an international pop superstar.

Image Courtesy of Ze!