SONG OF THE DAY: Bimbo Jones ft Ida Corr – “See You Later”


Potentially one of the biggest club and crossover dance records of 2012 is about to be released on Ego Records in Italy and Robbins in the US. I am nothing less than excited. The story of “See You Later” started in 2010 when the premier UK commercial production team Bimbo Jones took a journey into harder electro, seemingly inspired by Wolfgang Gartner, and created “Questions.” The insanely energetic track peppered with some of their signature synths stood out of the pool of instrumental tracks. It is one of those WTF tracks that get an instant response when you first hear it. There have ben several mashups with vocals of everyone from Luciana and Madonna to Angie Brown and Crystal Waters. We even wrote about how amazing a vocal version would sound when we wrote about it back in December 2010. Fast forward to Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 when buzz started about an official vocal version featuring the “Let Me Think About It” queen Ida Corr. I ran into Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones) and on first listen I knew it was something special. Ida’s lyrics add a playful, sexually seductive edge that will appeal to a mainstream audience while keeping the hard edge firmly in place. By the second day of ADE, there was apparently a bidding war among labels for the track. With a major release planned, the song has been on lockdown and is now set for release. DJ’s, go to Beatport and watch for this track to be released as this will make your primetime dance floor go crazy. Dance music lovers, watch for it on iTunes and be prepared for th infectious lyrics to be stuck in your head for the entire summer. Radio stations, add this record out of the box, “See You Later” is an energetic response record that stands out because it doesn’t fit the dirty dutch/big room trance sound that is dominating commercial dance released. After all, this is Bimbo Jones and Ida Corr together, there is nothing to “question” or even “think about,” because “See You Later” is a club/pop smash set to explode.


Image Courtesy of Ego/Robbins.