SONG OF THE DAY: Sam Sparro – “Happiness”


Heralding his return to releasing his own music, Sparro releases “Happiness”, the lead single to his upcoming 2012 album Return to Paradise. This is pure disco funk in the way we’ve come to know from Sparro. The groove is hot, Sparro’s voice is as seductive as ever, and the bass guitar is electrifying. As a marker of new material, “Happiness” is what it suggests it is, in it’s purest form. And with mixes leaking from Sparro’s second single, “I Wish I Never Met You” (without the actual song leaking), it’s just a matter of time before we can’t stop salivating for new material from this talented artist. “Happiness” is here for now and more than worth drooling over.

Image Courtesy of Positiva/Virgin.