Dear DJ:

Who are your favorite DJs? Who are you voting for in the DJ Mag list survey?


Dear Curious,

I get these questions often, and as a journalist I strive to maintain some sense of neutrality when it comes to competitions. Coming up with a list of my favorite DJs to vote for is always a challenge and actually something that I take kind of seriously.

Normally, I will start with a list of my 20 favorite DJs and keep it on my desktop in a notepad file. As the barrage of “Vote for Me” spam arrives via eMail, IM, Facebook, twitter, etc – I start crossing names off the list based on the volume that comes in. The more annoying the message – the more likely the name gets crossed off. The first name crossed off was Above and Beyond who have continued their campaign from last year with another obnoxious Clive Rudloe video which manages
to slag off both Bananarama and Rick Astley.

We all realize that a high placement on the DJ list increases booking fees and recognition but I think that blatant campaigning of this sort cheapens the perception of the DJ. I respect the work of Above and Beyond and they are great DJs, but I simply cannot support these almost desperate tactics. Why Ministry of Sound allowed themselves to be part of this campaign is beyond me as well.

Now who would I actually vote for? My favorite DJs change almost as often as my favorite song, but today I am feeling like – Switch, Wideboys, Paul Van Dyk, Wolfgang Gartner, Fergie, Benny Benassi, Chris Cox, David Guetta, Stanton Warriors, DJ Dan, Krafty Kuts, Robbie Rivera, Martin Solveig, DJ Rap, and Matt Darey.

Of course, don’t let this sway your opinion. Vote for the DJs that you love. Who makes the tracks that you love to dance to? Which DJ rocks your world? Just like any other election, follow your conscience and vote for the candidate that you believe in most.

Originally Posted September 10, 2008