ASK THE DJ: My gear isn’t flashy enough for me

Dear DJ Ron,

This is a strange question but I don’t know who else to ask. I spin around town a lot and have built a reputation for being dressed to impress. I often spin in some wild outfits with everything from big patterns to wild colors – and this gets me noticed and definitely leaves an impression. The question is – how can I get my gear to match? I’ve tried getting funky slipmats for when I spin vinyl, but the records cover them up. The turntable and mixer themselves look so basic and don’t really go with my schtick. Any ideas?


Flashy and fierce

Dear Flashy,

As someone who rocks Swarovski-crystal studded headphones, I definitely feel you. While there are many places to find custom clothing, custom DJ gear is a lot harder to find.

I apologize for sitting on your question for so long but in my research I haven’t found many options until recently. I haven’t tried this site yet but it looks like StyleFlip¬†might be able to help you. The site lets you custom design overlays (skins) for mixers, effect gear, turntables, cd players, etc. with colors, text and designs.

If you try it, please send me a picture of your design and let me know how it works out.