ASK THE DJ: Looking for a Producer

Dear DJ Ron:

I am a songwriter/poet/singer and I am looking for a DJ/producer to collaborate with. Do you know how I can find one for a demo recording project?



Dear L:

Here are three ideas to get started:

1. It depends on where you live- Do some research on your local scene and check out the local DJs. Odds are, there are a few who are doing production who can help you get started – at least on a demo.

2. If you have a budget and want to work with a more established producer, do some research by looking up some of your favorite releases. Find the producer’s name and try to contact them via Twitter, Facebook, or their website. Expect a lot of rejection, though– many producers will not work with unsigned and unfinanced artists.

3. Networking – attend industry events like the Winter Music Conference, International DJ Times Expo, or The Amsterdam Dance Event.

Good luck on your journey.