ASK THE DJ: How Do I Get Press or Writers to Write About Me

I am the Manager for ARTIST NAME. He has been nominated in the Dance catagories on the Grammy Ballots two years in a row. He has also hit #1 on some charts as well. How can he get listed in your guide and is there a way to put an article out about him?



I get variations of this question very often – so here is a response to this one manager. I used the word ARTIST to protect the privacy of the manager’s client.

Dear Manager,

Nice to meet you.

Artists are covered as they release material that I see as relevant to the audience – just like any other publication. Feel free to submit – youtube clips of current videos/singles, cds, mp3s ,etc – and when something hits me (or one of my writers) – it will make it up there.

A few friendly suggestions:

1. Drop the Grammy mention as it is misleading. The 2009 Dance Grammy Nominees and Winners are listed on the Grammy website. Your artist (or his record label or management) submitted his music for consideration to NARAS. A listening panel listened to his music and decided that – Yes, this is dance music. Acceptance to the ballot is not an indication of quality or achievement – simply that the music fits the format. By including this statement in your email it can be misinterpreted by those who don’t know that ARTIST wasn’t really nominated, or it comes across as misinformed by those who do know how the grammy nomination process works.

2. You mention “some charts” – be specific. There are lots of charts out there and many are meaningless. As someone who follows Billboard, Dance Radio stations, Dance club charts, etc- I have never seen an ARTIST’s record at number one.

3. Pitch what makes him unique – his ethnic background, his music about a personal struggle, his work with producers, writing his own music, his dance background, etc. There are tons of artists out there. As journalists, we write about what we love, what we think our audience will love and what will drive traffic/readers to the site. Journalists/publicists call this a hook.

4. Although email is flat text – there are ways to humanize it and make it have a personal connection. A start would be to address the recipient by their name rather than a form letter statement. Do some research about the recipient and see who they have covered in the past and make a connection. Something like, ARTIST is a cross between these other artists you’ve written about.

I wish you the best of luck with your artist.