ASK THE DJ: House vs Trance

Dear DJ Ron,

I am dating a great guy and everything is going really well – except that he likes trance and I like house. I haven’t told him that I am a househead because he often says that trance is the only good dance music and everything else is redundant. What should I do? I don’t think I can handle another 6 hour trance party and watch the raver kids play with their glowsticks?


Househead dating a trancer

Dear Househead,

Genre, subgenres, lack of unity Рthese are all things that the electronic and dance music family often have to struggle with. Whereas most other genres are pretty much all-encompassing Рhip hop, rock, pop Рelectronic music fans tend to get really specific and only follow exactly what they like. Some call it the iPod effect Рwe can all control our musical surrounding and customize it to our exact needs, so why compromise when going out?

Do you care about this guy? If he liked house music, would you consider marriage? Your relationship is based on so many other things, musical taste should definitely not be the determining factor.

Be honest and tell your boyfriend that you like house and then work on some sort of compromise. It could be that you alternate weekends – one weekend a house party – the next weekend a trance event. Or maybe he goes with his boys to see Paul Van Dyk while you and your girls check out Roger Sanchez?

Whether you are dancing to house, trance, drum & bass, or ambient noise is irrelevant — the most important thing is sharing your life with the people you love.

~ RS