SONG OF THE DAY: Audrey Napoleon – “Bitchy Queen”


After the success of “212”, Azealia Banks’ opinion of how Lazy Jay’s “Float My Boat” SHOULD have sounded, distinctive yet simplistic instrumental tracks have become utterly more attractive. One of our top picks is “Bitchy Queen” by Audrey Napoleon. Everything fits, and a great production like this should not be ignored. But with the incredible plethora of options out there, it’s likely that “Bitchy Queen” won’t get the attention it deserves. But, say some clever person comes and toplines the track? Yeah, that might give both parties a nice bump in the right direction! “Bitchy Queen”s unique beats will make it easy to write distinctive lyrics and the melodic part toward the end gives the singer a nice bridge to work with. All we need is the right topliner, and “Bitchy Queen” might make waves. Enjoy this enticing instrumental, in the meantime.

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