SONG OF THE DAY: Make the Girl Dance – “Baby Baby Baby”


Sometimes its all about the video. “Baby Baby Baby” is a good rock tinged electro tinged track which grows in intesity with female spoken French vocals. Though nothing life changing or amazing, its definitely dance radio friendly. I can imagine the video producers thinking, “those Ministry of Sound guys have so much success with those bimbos in bikinis video, but we’re French and we’ll up the ante.” Three beautiful women walk down the streets of Paris a la Lady Godiva save for black bars that flash they lyrics. The logical progression from the BPA “Toe Jam” video, the producers get kudos for hiring women with real curves as opposed to the standard emaciated models we see. Courtney Love never looked so good. The people at Victoria’s Secret obviously agree as “Baby Baby Baby” is being used in their current advertising campaign.

Image courtesy of Ultra Records.