REVIEW: Cazwell – ‘Get Into It’

4.5 / 5 Stars

The first time I heard Get Into It, Cazwell’s debut mini-album, I immediately wanted to transform myself into a hot bi-curious 19 year-old in order to get some face time with the Caz. I think I am in love. Not so much with the man, but with the time-travel revisionist idea his music suggests. But Cazwell is hot, no doubt about it.

The cover art is genius, with Cazwell balancing a portable 8-track player on his slender knee. He wears a pair of powder-blue running shorts and he’s slung into a chair with his legs spread so you can just barely see a hint of underwear. The expression on his face encourages you to look but don’t touch… unless you are the aforementioned hot bi-curious 19 year-old. Oh, if I only had a time-machine…

1983. Prince didn’t release a record that year since 1999 was slamming and Purple Rain was a year away. Prince was pretty much the only dude singing explicitly about sex back then. With songs like “Head” and “Private Joy,” parents had much to worry about. They had to answer tough questions about fellatio and doggy-style. Heck, I learned early on not to sing “Jack U Off” at the dinner table, and while Prince toyed with the idea that he might have been gay, in reality, he was hopelessly straight.

Now it’s nearly 23 years later and we have Cazwell rapping about blowing a load all over someone’s face, licking a$$, and other types of gay naughtiness. But from Cazwell’s capable tongue, it doesn’t sound so naughty. It sounds… fun at worst, life-affirming at best. It’s good that he raps about condoms and it’s good that he includes girls and trannys as his objects of desire — open-minded dudes are always more attractive. And that’s the thing… the album hinges upon how much you like Cazwell and his attitude about sex, drugs and music.

The album almost feels dated and other than the content of the lyrics, you’ve heard it all before. But this is not a bad thing. Familiarity breeds the new style. Other rappers have been talking this crap for years about women and it’s a miracle that this album exists at all.

Sex in all forms is celebrated here and things like foreskin, lube and poppers are talked about as casually as the weather. Listening to Get Into It made me want to go out to a bar, pick up a dude and take him to a dingy hotel room and bang him all night long. It’s for this reason alone that Cazwell could be a scary role-model for today’s gay youth. Turns out that Get Into It is all the time-machine I need. Just don’t forget the condoms.

CD Released November 2006 on Peace Bisquit Records.
Review originally posted December 2006.